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Promoting the financial literacy in Vietnam
Prevent the financial crime due to lacking of financial literacy
Growing Awareness Understand the role of financial advisors in the community Standardising
Establishing the financial advisory profession
Developing the code of ethics
Empowering children to reach their potential

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About us

The Vietnam Wealth Advisors (VWA) is a non-profit professional body which is incorporated as a social enterprise. The VWA is dedicated to developing and promoting an industry providing unbiased financial advice to the Vietnamese public. The VWA is also targeting to promote the financial literacy in Vietnam to the public community.

The Vietnam Wealth Advisors is initially operated as a group in a social network which comprises of 50,000 members up to the date of establishment when a group of reputable financial advisors, fund managers, directors of securitities companies, insurance companies decided to establish officially as a legally accepted non-profit organization. 

VWA Community is a specialized Community of Finance, Investment and Wealth Management.

Towards healthy goals and reach major accounts. Share planning method (Planning) and personal finance management (Personal finance), consulting method (Investing), portfolio management method (Portfolio management) and corporate finance business transactions (Corporate Finance).

Board of Advisors

VWA Board of Advisors includes reputable financial experts, fund managers, directors of securities companies, and insurance companies

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan - General Director of AFA Capital
Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuan - President and CEO of FiinGroup JSC
Mr. To Thanh Hiep - General Director of SBJ
Mr. Le Chi Phuc - General Director of SGI Capital
Mr. Mac Quang Huy - CEO of MSI
Mr. Nguyen Manh Hien - General Director of SCS Global Audit
Mr. Ho Quoc Tuan - Senior Lecturer, majoring in Finance - Accounting, University of Bristol, UK
Mr. Phan Le Thanh Long - Director of the Australian Institute of Corporate Management Accountants (CMA Australia) in Vietnam
Mr. Vo Dinh Tri - Lecturer at University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City and IPAG Business School Paris, France

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