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VWA Certification

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Associate Financial Planner (AFP): Wealth Intelligence “Personal finance and Investment asset management”


AFP “Associate Financial Planner” is a Level 1 Financial Planner , a foundation level established and recognized by the Vietnam Wealth Advisors ( VWA). AFP is a VWA Level 1 Official Member Certificate.


“Wealth” means Properity, is inheritance, but Wealth in the word “Wealth” means happiness, towards wealth and prosperity. While the word “Intelligence” means Intelligence, but also connotes Secret Information or known as Intelligence.


The Wealth Intelligence program is designed to individuals who wish to build their own goals of achieving the financial freedom and the way to achieve as soon as possible, and those who want to start on the path to become a professional financial advisor.


Participants will understand the method to develop their own risk profile, determine the objectives of financial freedom, develop the personal financial plan, manage the financial plan implementation, develop investment asset allocation and know how to restructure their investment portfolio.


Wealth Intelligence, Level 1 (AFP) consists of 3 main parts:


  1. The roadmap for financial freedom
  2. Personal financial planning
  3. Portfolio strategy and management




1. Public individuals: Individuals who want to set goals and build a roadmap for achieving financial freedom, and want to develop a sustainable personal financial management approach.


2. Financial advisors working at:

  • Banks,
  • Securities companies,
  • The insurance company,
  • Fund management companies,
  • Private financial advisors


Accreditation standards


To achieve AFP status , participants must :


– Participate in and complete the first module “Wealth Intelligence: Financial Planning and Investment Asset Management” 

– Complete the test on Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct (Online, 30 multiple-choice questions)

– Complete the application form , pay the joining fee and membership fee


AFP Directory 


AFP’s profile will be listed publicly and officially on VWA Directory on the VWA official website


Benefits of AFP


An AFP will be entitled to:


– Be listed publicly and officially to be recognized for capability of financial planning and investment asset management

– Receive incentives from companies which are the official partners of VWA

– Free participation in professional VWA seminars and workshops 

– Be provided professional documents and publications of VWA for official members

– Qualified to join Level 2 and Level 3




Testing fee: waived 

– Joining fee: VND550,000 (VAT included )

– Annual membership fee and profile listing: VND1,100,000 (VAT included)


VWA recognised training provider


– AFA Research & Education : Visit to understand specific information about the program  “AFP: Wealth Intelligence”