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VWA Certification

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AFP – Associate Member 1

Professional in  “Associate Financial Planner”

Wealth Intellgence

AWP –  Associate member 2

Professional in “Associate Wealth Planner”

MAI – Macroeconomoics Analysis

for Investment

CGBA – Certified Global business


CWP – Full Member

Professional in “Certified Wealth Planner”

Real Estate Investment

Taxation & Insurance

Portfolio Management

Associate Financial Planner (AFP): Wealth Intelligence “Personal finance and Investment asset management”

AFP “Associate Financial Planner” is a Level 1 Financial Planner , a foundation level established and recognized by the Vietnam Wealth Advisors ( VWA). AFP is a VWA Level 1 Official Member Certificate.

Wealth Intelligence, Level 1 (AFP) consists of 3 main parts:

  • The roadmap for financial freedom
  • Personal financial planning
  • Portfolio strategy and management 

Accreditation standards

To achieve AFP status , participants must :

  • Participate in and complete the first module “Wealth Intelligence: Financial Planning and Investment Asset Management” 
  • Have completed a university/college program within or outside the country
  • Complete the test on Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct (Online, 30 multiple – choice questions)
  • Complete the application form , pay the joining fee and membership fee


  • Examination fee: Free
  • Joining fee: VND 550,000 (VAT included)
  • Annual membership fee and profile listing: VND 1,100,000 (VAT included)

Level 2: Associate Wealth Planner (AWP)

The Investment Analysis and Planning Program (Level 2 – AWP) is an advanced level established and recognized by the Vietnam Wealth Advisors (VWA) community. AWP, or “Associate Wealth Planner,” is a Level 2 associate member designation within VWA. This program is also referred to in English as “Wealth Advance.”

Wealth Advance, Level 2 (AWP), consists of 2 modules:

1. Macroeconomics Analysis for Investment (MAI)

MAI: Macroeconomics Analysis for Investment (MAI) is a program at Level 2 according to international standards for investment planning to become an expert in Wealth Management, known as an Associate Wealth Planner (AWP).

MAI follows the analytical standards of investment funds and major investment banks worldwide. It combines macroeconomic theory and quantitative analysis of the impacts of macroeconomic factors on the financial market. This program equips students with comprehensive analytical methods for evaluating financial markets or different layers of investment assets.

2. Certified Global Business Analyst – CGBA

CGBA: is one of the two official international standard programs offered by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants Australia (CMA Australia).

CGBA is a program adhering to the analytical standards of major global investment funds, combining financial analysis and strategic business analysis to equip learners with comprehensive analytical methods for evaluating both companies and industries.

Learners will focus on constructing an Investment Planning, comprising two critical aspects:

  • Macroeconomic Analysis: Assessing the impact of fiscal and monetary policies to forecast growth trends in financial markets. This involves utilizing comprehensive statistical tools and data analysis from the actual economy of Vietnam and the world, as well as various economic sectors.
  • Business Analysis: Conducting comprehensive assessments when evaluating publicly-listed companies on the Vietnamese stock market and analyzing various business sectors in the context of the Vietnamese market.

To attain the title of AWP, participants need to:

  • Have completed a university/college program within or outside the country.
  • Participate in and successfully complete Level 1 (AFP), which includes the Wealth Intelligence program – Personal Finance and Investment Asset Management.
  • Participate in and successfully complete Level 2 (AWP), consisting of two programs: MAI – Macroeconomics Analysis for Investment and CGBA – Certified Global Business Analyst.
  • Submit a membership application, pay the membership joining fee, and membership fee.

Furthermore, AWP members will receive support from experts at AFA Capital:

  • Collaborating with AFA Capital to develop customer financial planning and investment portfolio management.
  • Receiving 1-on-1 support from AFA Capital’s financial advisors during the process of Financial Planning and Investment Portfolio Management, both for oneself and for AFP clients.
  • Receiving specialized training support from AFA Capital’s financial advisors and professional financial institutions: Dragon Capital Vietfund Management, VinaCapital Fund Management Company, PVCB Capital, and more.

Level 3: Certified Wealth Planner (CWP)

Certified Wealth Planner (CWP) is a Full Member – a Certified Wealth Management Expert. This is the highest level within the standardized framework established and recognized by VWA. Upon completion of the sections covering wealth management, macroeconomic analysis, and business analysis in the preceding two levels, learners will engage with modules related to real estate investment, taxation & insurance, and investment portfolio management. Currently, the VWA’s professional council is researching this level, and it will soon be introduced and implemented in Vietnam.

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